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Fallen Earth announced.

A new post-apocalyptic MMORPG is under development by Icarus Studios, LLC. This game is to be titled Fallen Earth and looks promising. The developers release small details about the game that aren't on the official web site with each newsletter they send out. To sign up to the newsletter, please go to http://fallenearth.com/contact/signup.php

This game is said to have no predefined job or occupation which outlines how your character will develope. Instead, whatever skills and abilities that each player exercises will decide what they become. This game will also have automobiles for players. One video released on the Official Web Site, in the downloads section, shows off a dunebuggy. Both single occupancy and multiple passenger vehicles are planned to be available. The vehicles should have superior physics compared to other MMOGs so far, as it states on their web site that vehicles will respond to the terrain which is traveled on, altering vehicle performance.

Posted by Ed on May 28.

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