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Duke Nukem developer leaves.

Gamers are quick to criticize 3D Realms for their apprehension in commenting on Duke Nukem Forever's extended development period, but you have to appreciate their dedication in the matter. Unfortunately for the company, sheer dedication wasn't enough to keep eight-year employee Charlie Wiederhold from leaving the team.

Wiederhold was actually hired out of the Duke Nukem community during the Duke Nukem 3D days, and has been a champion of the company's never ending sequel ever since. "So long as we deliver [on DNF], all the jabs and jokes up to that point will have been worth it, and will be looked back upon with amusement and affection for a once in a lifetime industry and gaming community experience," he previously said in his blog.

At least the departure appears to be on amicable terms; 3D Realms CEO Scott Miller entered a thread on the company's message board about the news and had nothing but positive comments. "Charlie is the best employee we're ever lost. He will be sorely missed. I wish him the best...," said the company leader.

As for what that means for Duke Nukem Forever, probably not much; the company has been hiring new employees at rapid rate, and the running rumor says we'll actually see what the company's been burying their head in sometime next year.

Posted by Ed on June 02.

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