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Simpler controller planned for Xbox 360?

n an interview on Gamertag Radio, Microsoft's Peter Moore suggested that the allure of playing with the Wii could fade after "thirty minutes. " Don't despair Wii60 fans, while Moore's comments may seem unflattering, the voice of the Xbox 360 then conceeded that today's controllers are getting too complicated.

"...Shoulder buttons, triggers, analog sticks, d-pads, I mean, there's a lot going on there when you compare it to the old Atari 2600 button-and-stick, which everybody could pick up and have some fun with." Moore continues to mention that his 14-year-old daughter thinks that the X360 controller is a bit complicated but that Microsoft is "We're doing a lot of stuff there. Nothing that we're ready to talk about, and we're not going to force anything that is not going to be intuitive and innovative."

Presumably, Moore is hinting at some kind of alternate controller or a simplified control scheme for the Xbox 360. If Microsoft continues to peddle the Xbox Live Arcade wares, maybe we'll see a kinder, gentler, simpler controller to play XBLA games on -- how many buttons do you need while racking up mediocre scores in Geometry Wars?

We pinged Microsoft this morning to see if they want to weigh in on what Peter had to say about controller interfaces, check back to see if we receive a big "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation" to the face.

UPDATE: Microsoft responded and had this to say: "Microsoft doesnt have anything to announce at this time, but as Peter mentioned, we are working on a lot of things and won't force anything that isn't intuitive and innovative."

Posted by Ed on June 20.

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