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Sony Boss: PS3 is future proof.

Risk versus potential reward. Sony CEO Howard Stringer admits Sony's company's strategy is a risky one. "The price of the PS3 is high, but you're paying for potential," Stringer said. What about Sony's competitors, their prices are considerably lower than PS3's two skus: "Obviously, it's a higher-risk strategy as all new inventions are. But if the PS3 lives up to its total potential, then I don't think anyone will be worried about Nintendo or Xbox's cheaper price."

Stringer continues with a jab at Microsoft's Xbox 360's tech, "When you bring into new technology, do you go for a cheaper transitional [product], or do you take a chance on future-proof, higher technology which will keep you going for many, many years?" Coming from Stringer, that's a big punch thrown from the biggest set of hands at Sony.

Ultimately, words between executives mean little more than girls at the mall fighting over the first spot in line to see the next Matthew McConaughey flick. What really matters is whether or not consumers will share Sony's vision of the PS3 as a potential reward and a system that will last them for several years, nevermind if consumers will acquiesce with the notion of the Xbox 360 as a transitional piece of hardware.

Posted by Ed on June 26.

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