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Women leading mobile gaming.

Though males characteristically dominate the handheld and console markets (albeit Nintendo DS seems to be turning the tide a bit there), a new study entitled "Electronic Gaming in the Digital Home," from Parks Associates says 51% of US consumers who are playing games on their mobile phones are, in fact, women.

"Women are the foundation of the gaming market, and as an industry, we need to cater to their preferences," says Parks Associates director of research John Barrett. "This effort is key to future revenue growth because right now women generally spend little on gaming even though they like to play games and often have disposable income. The industry just needs to find a game they are will [sic] to pay for."

Women also make up 61% of people playing mobile games between 1 and 4 times per month, in addition to 58% of individuals playing more than four hours. Parks Associates notes the results jive with other data showing women are more prominent in online gaming due to their preference for card and trivia games.

Posted by Ed on June 30.

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