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Portable Xbox?

It seems that Microsoft couldn�t stand to see its challengers launching portable gaming consoles and, therefore, the software giant intends to develop one itself, more precisely, a handheld equivalent for the Xbox 360, informs The Inquirer.

There have been several rumors regarding Microsoft�s portable console rage and the working engineers at the company�s headquarters are all trying to discover the recipe for a perfect portable console. �One of the latest rumors has emerged in a significantly more reliable source (when compared to fanboy gossip that surface from the cauldron's of Internet forums) that of Dean Takahashi in his latest book, The Xbox 360 Uncloaked,� writes The Inquirer.

The writer alleged that more than half of Microsoft�s hardware team is engaged in this gold-console-rush and that the console should be released at the end of 2007 or at the beginning of 2008. Plus, as the hardware specialized team is concentrating on Xbox and other few gadgets, the members could have initiated such a plan.

Microsoft enlargement portfolio strategy has been determined by the fact that, not only does Nintendo has DS and DS Lite and Sony a portable PSP, but also other manufacturers� developed and released PocketPCs, TabletPCs and Origami/UMPCs. Moreover, it is said on the market that Microsoft, despite the official statements, intends to develop an iPod challenger.

Earlier today, Sony executive stated in an interview that PS3 dedicated titles will be at no bargain basement price, as they could be available at a cost ranging from 60 to 100$ each. Moreover, the gaming console is also expensive, if we are to consider the prices for Xbox and Wii. Consequently, Microsoft could win �the gaming tournament thanks to Sony�s mistakes.

Posted by Ed on July 05.

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