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Hellgate: London code possibly stolen.

Reliable sources have indicated that the Flagship Studios network has been hacked and the source code for Hellgate: London has been stolen. I contacted the Flagship head cheese Bill Roper directly for comment and he has indicated that while they have heard the same rumors they cannot confirm or deny that any code has been lifted from their servers. The Flagship Studios network went down and has since been brought back online and (hopefully) more secure than before.

My source indicates that the virtual break-in was conducted by a Chinese individual who is currently attempting to sell the code from a personal website. That�s all we have on the story for now, more as it develops.

For those of you who don�t know, Hellgate: London is the first project by ex-Blizzard developer Bill Roper and his new studio, the game has been at the last two E3�s and looks to be shaping up very nicely. The release date is currently �when it�s done� and there is no indication that any potential code theft would impact the game�s development. You might recall the Half-Life 2 code theft story that Gamers With Jobs broke back in the day, by some accounts that had some impact on the game�s development cycle as it had to be re-engineered to avoid vulnerabilities in the final release. Given Hellgate: London�s multiplayer focus, this could be bad news if true.

Posted by Ed on July 11.

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