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Funcom comes to OsloLAN 2004.

Funcom will have a presence at the forthcoming OsloLAN , which takes place at Valhall in Oslo, Norway, between 30.09.04 - 03.10.04. OsloLAN is one of the world's largest LAN competitions, and more than 3000 gamers are expected to compete for fame, glory and a healthy dose of money. Funcom will send a team of 5 people who will be at a designated Funcom stand in the exhibition area between 1300 and 1700 on Saturday.

There will be a Funcom presentation on the big screen on Saturday, with Anarchy Online as a case example. In addition we have decided to send people from various departments in Funcom so anyone who has any questions related to the gaming industry, and what you need to know to get a job within the industry, can speak directly to various Funcom employees.

These are the Funcom employees you will have a chance to meet:

�yvind Steensen � Art Director, Anarchy Online
Aleksander Gr�ndahl � Game Designer, Anarchy Online
Sverre Kvernmo, World Designer, unannounced MMOG
Thor R. Hansen � Programmer, unannounced MMOG
Rui Casais � Programmer, unannounced MMOG

We are going for an informal and laidback stand presence, so don't hesitate to come by and ask any question you want regarding Funcom, or developing games in general. The Funcom team who is going ranges from newly hired to industry veterans, with work experience from companies like ID Software, Funcom and Ionstorm. If you are interested in a job in the gaming industry, these people will let you know what it takes, and what level you need to be on.

We look forward to meeting you there. All Anarchy Online fans are of course more than welcome to drop by and talk to some of the key creators behind the game.

Posted by Funcom on September 29.

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