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Bushtarion - A new age, A new round.

The free to play web-based strategy game Bushtarion, now in it's fifth year of running, has just re-launched an entirely new version, or age, of the game. Bushtarion: The Lawn Of War has taken massive leaps ahead in this new version in many areas of the game - ranging from entirely new scoring and ranking systems to encourage more fighting and wars, to new combat engine and abilities, a whole new technology tree, and also a re-designed layout that is completely customisable by users who wish to create their own schemes (and you can now browse other users schemes, give them ratings, and see the most popular user-made schemes). There have been literally hundreds of updates and additions both backend in the engine, and visibly in the user interface and game mechanics.

With the new technology route, you can now rampage through enemy fields with a horde of zombies, eating the brains of hostile gardeners and watching as their corpses rise to become more zombies. Send vampires and werewolves to terrorise the innocent, and even watch as an armada of Dragons soars overhead setting fire to everything in sight. With the newly added "Fantasy" route, the game now has 6 "Core Technology Routes" that players can develop through - those now being Protestors, Thugs, Military, Robotics, Special Operations and Fantasy. With each route containing sub-routes and branching off in different fields, and the addition of other new units, there are now 75 different unit combinations a player can have on a "completed tech tree" - offering a lot of different strategies and tactics.

The first round of the new age, which will be round 19, is due to start running on Friday 28th July, with ticks starting at 18:00 GMT. Users old and new are encouraged to sign up now in preperation for this new round.


Posted by Directory of Games on July 26.

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