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Forlorn Hope - Update for October

Forlorn Hope: Online, a truly massive online browser based role playing game with a great community would like to announce several great additions.

Auction System
We have now made it even easier for players to sell their goods, in addition to our existing Market, Vendor and Sell to NPC's systems we now have a great Player based Auction system.

With this system you can add your items to the Auction Place and have players bid on your items, you have full control of the auction process and can choose to sell to one of your top 5 bidders.

This great new system makes selling your items for the price you want even easier!

October Epic Quest
The First of two planned Epic quests to be released in the last quarter of this year is now live across the lands of Saloa.

The Epic Quest is titled "Rumors of an Ancient Race" and takes you across many continents trying to help out a crazed Archaeologist uncover insights into an ancient race.

The final Epic quest will be released at Christmas!

Visit http://www.forlornonline.com to signup to play the game

Posted by Directory of Games on October 02.

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