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SimCity Classic free to play!!

Gamers at a loss for methods of wasting time online now have a new champion.

Electronic Arts is offering up Sim City Classic as a freely playable online application called Sim City Live Online! The original game has been retooled for Internet functionality, so all you need to play is your browser of choice (provided you aren't running Netscape Navigator.)

Is this whole affair simply a nakedly-veiled marketing gimmick designed to pimp the hell out of Sim City 4? Of course! But hey -- free Sim City. You know what they say: When someone gives you a rampaging Godzilla as a gift, don't look it in the mouth.

The game appears to be based off the PC version -- so no buildable Mario statues. Oh well. Head on over to the official website and give it a whirl. The price of admission is a simple login to EA.

Edit: A link might help. http://simcity.ea.com/play/simcity_classic.php

Posted by Ed. on August 29.

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