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Wii to be region free, after all.

Nice when they can make up their mind, atleast.

Quote from engadget "After getting promised the beauties of region-free content by our American Nintendo PR peeps, our hopes have been shattered by Nintendo UK who has now gone on record denying the claims. They put it rather bluntly, stating: "We are region-locked," and that Nintendo America made a mistake by claiming otherwise. UK General Manager David Yarnton seems to think that Wii games and online content will be region-encoded, locking out European gamers from US and Japan titles, with the same being true in reverse. Seems to be a pretty major slip-up, though it's possible that since Nintendo America's Perrin Kaplan was only speaking of first-party titles for the Wii, Nintendo UK was merely trying to counteract the misquotes her statement had been getting. We'll be watching this one develop, but for now we're hoping the language barrier will be the only thing keeping us from a flashy first-party Wii cooking title.

UPDATE: Bad new, folks. Nintendo has finally clarified this whole rigmarole, and the Wii will indeed be region-locked for both first and third party titles and online content."

Posted by Ed. on September 18.

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