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Study: 64% of online gamers women.

You wouldn't realize it while playing with most of the jerks that play Halo 2, but 64% of the nation's 117 million online gamers are actually women, according to Nielsen Entertainment's third annual Active Gamer Benchmark Study, released this morning.

The study's announcement release doesn't break down what games they're playing, though we expect sites like pogo.com, which feature a multitude of Flash-based, more simplistic games, are rather high on the list. Even more surprising is how many older gamers are playing. While the teenage market dominates in numbers, the study says more than 15 million gamers, about 8%, are actually at least 45 years old.

Additionally, in the shocker of the century, the study reveals that gaming has become an increasingly social experience (social is apparently defined by playing online, which some might take issue with), with "Active Gamers" typically spending at least five hours playing socially a week, with teenagers garnering a slightly higher time span of seven hours.

Nielsen conducted the study online with 2,200 "Active Gamers" 13 years or older and owned a gaming device and played games at least once a week.

Posted by Ed. on October 09.

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