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NBA 2k7 to use Tilt Technology

Courtesy of Gamespot.

When Sony announced that it was abandoning its controllers' rumble feature in favor of motion-sensing technology, many Sony faithful responded with slack-jawed, puzzled looks. Questions of when and why Sony opted to change features on its 'sticks still linger and may never be answered, but one thing is for sure--new games will use the technology in a variety of ways.

The latest game that will incorporate the new motion-sensing controller isn't a racing game, a first-person shooter, or any game that involves moving sphere-bound monkeys through puzzling stages. Surprisingly, it's 2K Sports' pro basketball simulation, NBA 2K7.

2K Sports today released a list of features due for NBA 2K7 on the PlayStation 3, and the new Sixaxis controllers' motion-sensitive tech headlines a few extra goodies that won't be available on other versions of NBA 2K7.

The game's free-throw shooting in the PS3 edition will use the Sixaxis' new tilt feature, but 2K Sports does not explain how. In other versions of NBA 2K7, gamers shoot free throws by moving an analog joystick down and up, like the golf swing in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series.

As everyone knows, pro basketball is a five-on-five sport, and the new edition of NBA 2K7 seeks to replicate that on the PS3. Online multiplayer will support two squads of five, and up to seven ballers will be able to play on one system.

NBA 2K7 will be a PS3 launch title and has not yet been rated.

Posted by Ed on October 11.

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