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Gamestop and EB detail Wii preorders.

Courtesy of Gamespot.

Gamers who blinked may have missed the preorder program for the PlayStation 3 from EB Games and GameStop. The retailers announced the details of the campaign on Monday, and put them into effect on Tuesday. Because of extremely limited supply--most stores were given only eight units for presale--the retailers quickly sold out of their PS3 allotment, the majority snatched up in just minutes.

Now it looks as though the retailers are taking a similar approach to preorders for the Wii. In an e-mail notice sent out to gamers today, the stores announced that preorders for the Wii will begin tomorrow.

Preorders will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis, and start promptly when the retailers' 3,600-plus stores open their doors for business. A $50 deposit--cash, credit, or trade-in--for the $250 system is required, and reservations are limited to one per household. Preorders for the PS3, which will retail in two models for $499 and $599, required a $100 to be put down. The companies did not reveal how many preorders would be available from each store. Details of online preorders are expected soon.

However, GameStop and EB can't absolutely guarantee a system at launch for those who do successfully get their hands on one of the prized receipts. A disclaimer on the stores' Web sites reads: "As we cannot control production and shipping issues by the manufacturer, a reservation deposit does not guarantee receipt of a system available to purchase at launch."

The two chains also revealed plans for Canadian preorders for both the Wii and PS3. North of the border, the campaign for both systems begins Monday, October 16, and requires a C$200 cash or credit deposit, or C$50 in trade.

Posted by Ed. on October 12.

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