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Intel Gorilla marketing.

Intel has lunched a unique guerrilla marketing campaign for their new dual-core processor. They asked world-renowned virtual builder Versu Richelieu to create a new masterpiece in the Second Life virtual landscape using their dual-core chip. What's really crazy is that they put her in a storefront window on 5th Avenue and 39th Street in New York City for 72 hours while she works. The web site is a mashup of technologies including side-by-side live video feeds from a web cam in the window, and her SL point-of-view. There's a Flickr slide show and her embedded Hipcast audio blog, and soon to come archives of the whole experience in 12-hour segments hosted by YouTube. Is Intel pushing their marketing to extremes by utilizing all these free online services to promote their product? Or is it good publicity for all parties involved?

Link can be found at http://www.nyclivewindow.com/

Posted by Ed. on October 16.

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