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DroidArena - Evolution; New Season!

A distant rumble of heavy machinery signals the start of the arena fight. Slowly, the droids come into view - some rolling tank-like on the ground, others striding majestically or hovering effortlessly, a few flying overhead, flitting too and fro with speed and agility. The shooting starts, filling your senses with the ping of ricocheting pistol bullets, the boom of heavy artillery, the sharpness of ozone split from the very air by powerful bursts of electricity, the deadly silence of laser fire.
Shields are depleted, weapons and frames damaged, finally processors destroyed and, one by one, the droids feign death. One emerges triumphant, clutching aloft the reason for the carnage - an incongruously cute teddy-bear.

And you? You are the decker who has designed this conquering hero, who has scripted its movement and behaviour in the arena, who has plotted with your team-mates for the downfall of the opposition. Your reward is to advance in status and prestige among the world-wide community of deckers, to receive the respect of your corp-mates, to gain resources to use in further improvements and modifications to your droid.

Droidarena provides the framework for this fantasy:- A choice of frames, weapons and equipment to produce your individual droid, A structure of Corporations providing companionship, support and advice, An easy-to-learn scripting language to control the behaviour of your droid, The visualisation of the arena fights in 3D rendering, Premium Account membership that gives full access to a 10-week season, Fully-featured 7-day trial membership to test the game.

Droidarena provides the framework.
All YOU have to add is the imagination

Posted by Directory of Games on October 24.

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