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Heads will roll as Age of Conan moves into Open Beta

Heads will roll as Age of Conan moves into Open Beta

- Open Beta exclusively available through FilePlanet.com and partner IGN sites �

- 50.000 aspiring barbarians may enter Hyboria on May 1st �

Durham, USA � April 17th, 2008Funcom, Eidos and IGN are proud to announce that Open Beta for Age of Conan will start on May 1. The Open Beta will be hosted exclusively by IGN�s popular game download site, FilePlanet.com, as well as being offered through partner IGN sites such as Gamespy.com, Tentonhammer.com and Warcry.com. The application pages at FilePlanet.com are now open for registrations, and gamers from across the world can sign up. As 50.000 gamers prepare their Hyborian assault, rivers of blood are about to flow, and it�s exclusively available through FilePlanet and IGN partner sites.

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Posted by Erling Ellingsen on Apr 17.

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