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Game AI Improvement

We have made an improvement in artificial intelligence (AI) of the NPCs to make the game more interesting. The feature we have implemented is called "Zonal Fight". OK, what is this ? When the player fights with a monster, and decides to run away to avoid action, the monster tries to knock down the victim and with some probability (depend on NPC's strength) player will knocked down, otherwise he is lucky to find a safe way in escape! Now, when failed knocking down, the smartest monsters do not sit in their locations waiting the player to ever come back. Instead, they start to chase him. Chasing/evading ends until the monster knocks down the victim finally, or the player is so lucky, that manages to get out of the zone where monster is spawned. Therefore the feature is called "Zonal Fight". This is really a cool features, since it makes you to feel like you are fighting against aggressive monsters who never-ever like when attacked! The only way to minimize the probability of being chased, is to fight in a team! When fighting against a team, monster can hardly concentrate on fleeing players ;-) And once again to remind: Team fighting drastically increase your chances to win and gain xp much more compared to single fighting.

Posted by Legends Of Noobia Team on March 21.

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