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New Multiplayer Battle System

TheNinja-RPG has just launched its new and highly advanced multiplayer battle system. This new system allows for many users to fight against each other at a time, utilizing more than 100 different special techniques, weapons and items - you can now even summon creatures to aid you in your epic battles.

TheNinja-RPG is by now an old game, which has been online for many years. During this time it has undergone several big updates, core changes etc. The game is based off the famous anime Naruto, and everything in this online Naruto game has been coded from scratch, which mean that updates come regularly and bugs are fixed quickly. TNR has thus evolved to be a highly original game over the years - and with the addition of an advanced MPvP battle system the game has now reached a new level of entertainment.
As you start out an aspiring Academy Student you will not be able to fully experience the power of the new battle system, but as you rank up to Genin and Chuunin you are sent out to fight for your village: you may easily participate in massive raids of other villages where large battles with many users will occur!

Next up on our agenda is a new war system, which will add further complexity to the game as the 7 villages will then be able to form alliances and wage wars against each other.

Posted by Mathias Gruber on August 11.

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