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GangstaBigHouse (GBH) is a prison themed, turn based, MMOG/MMORPG. It has similarities to the traditional games you are used to, but NEW, improved, upgraded with a unique script in the text based world.

RULES are given from detailed to quick start.

NAVIGATION is easy, pages and hints appear just by hovering over certain places on the page.

REVENGES are easy to monitor.

SCROLLING PUBLIC CHAT makes it easy to have a conversation since the text automatically updates without the need to refresh. Public chat is always active and alive with discussions from the best drugs to the current political events.

AUTO BOOKMARKS allows you to pick up right where you left off on public chat without the need to search through fifty pages of text.

MEDALS are awarded for both accomplishments and failures.

T-SHIRTS are available in high quality, detailed, GangstaBigHouse design.

CUSTOMIZE your profile and gang media.

WINNERS are awarded in four tiers, with three levels per tier AND ten gang rankings, in which each player in each gang wins.

FREE! GBH is free unless you chose to support.

GangstaBigHouse offers everything from a cast of characters that rivals any sitcom (or CNN) to gassing, tattoos, prison infirmary, funny community, great merchandise, public "executions" of cheaters ...etc. The list of features GBH offers is truly to long to list.

We hope you will join us for the fun! GangstaBigHouse makes only two suggestions...have FUN, and more importantly....Don't drop the soap!!!

Posted by GangstaBigHouse on May 12.

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