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Forlorn Hope: Online: November Updates

Forlorn Hope: Online, a truly massive online browser based role playing game with a great community would like to announce several great additions.

World Encounters
A series of random encounters has been implemented which make hunting outside of dungeons and buildings a little more entertaining.

Despicable beasts have been found wandering the lands, these horrid and vile creatures are much harder to kill than ordinary monsters but give more money and improved loot. It may require a group of players just to kill one.

NPC Encounters have been added where you may now come across an NPC that requires you to help them, this currently involves taking them to a location of their choosing where you will be reward with gold, experience and the thanks of an NPC.

Item Encounters have been improved, it is now possible to find Battered Chests these locked chests will when picked up need to be unlocked using Lockpicking, they contain several items usually either treasure maps, permanent potions or unusual items.

Halloween Weekend Special
This halloween the Scarecrow race has been unlocked for all players, this enables you to play as the race of legends who can forget the Wizard of Oz!

The race will be unlocked only for this weekend, so hurry along and make a Scarecrow before the weekend is out!

Happy Halloween

Posted by Directory of Games on October 31.

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