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Full Release of Bane of Sin.

After a rather successful beta round which consisted of just over 100 members, Shadowcore is now ready to open Bane of Sin to the public. Those of you who choose to register an account at http://www.baneofsin.com will have the opportunity to compete against the other members within the game for cash prizes. Given that this is the first round, Shadowcore has decided to give out prizes based on a percentage of the income earned from the game. The prize structure for the month of December is listed below.

1st Place Vampire - 30% of prize money and 20 Credits(5,000 Turns)
2nd Place Vampire - 15% of prize money and 10 Credits(2,500 Turns)
3rd Place Vampire - 5% of prize money and 6 Credits(1,500 Turns)
4th Place Vampire - 4 Credits(1,000 Turns)
5th Place Vampire - 2 Credits(500 Turns)

1st Place Clan - 60% Clan Entry Fees and 10 Credits(2,500 Turns) to Clan Owner
2 Credits(500 Turns) to Clan Members

Shadowcore expects to draw in close to 200 members for the first round which opens on December 1, 2004, so your chances of winning prize money are very good. The game itself is free, however, like most turn-based games, you may purchase extra turns in the form of credits. You may also purchase different account versions which give you a slight advantage over those who choose to play for free. If you'd like to join the game, and see if you have what it takes to be the best vampire, visit http://www.baneofsin.com and create an account.

About Bane of Sin
Bane of Sin is a turn-based strategy game based in a world full of vampires. Your task is to command your army of scions and mradu and become the best you can possibly be. You may also join various clans within the game as well as fight other vampires. For a better look, check out the official Bane of Sin site located at http://www.baneofsin.com.

About Shadowcore
Shadowcore, which is based in London, Ontario, Canada, is one of the newer and lesser known gaming companies starting to slowly make it's rise in the gaming industry. Although this is the first official game that Shadowcore has produced, they also have 2 other games in the making; Raekon and Terra Warriors, as well as a gaming directory. For more information, check out the Shadowcore website at http://www.shadowcore.ca.

Posted by Bane of Sin on November 27.

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