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X-Kings Starts First Official Game

January 9, 2005 - X-Kings has ended its beta testing and has started
its first official game. X-Kings is a free, browser-based massively
multiplayer online game.

X-Kings started beta testing in September 2004 and has undergone a
massive evolution in terms of gameplay, features and user interface
since then, culminating in the end of the beta testing period and the
beginning of the first official 'Age' on the 9th of January 2004.

X-Kings provides players with a very fast and reliable gaming
experience; the commercial-grade software architecture and
implementation is unusual for a free game.

"X-Kings clearly stands out of the crowd of free browser-based games",
stated a member of the X-Kings technical team, "both in terms of
performance, user interface design and player experience. We feel
strongly that a good game experience begins with a game which reacts
immediately at your commands. Nobody likes sitting in front of one's
browser waiting seconds or minutes every time they click a button.
X-Kings has been designed to react very quickly."

X-Kings is anticipating more updates and releases for the game in the
next months.

For more information, check out http://www.x-kings.com.

Posted by Directory of Games on January 10.

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