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New Happenings at The Five Pillars

The new reset has seen the fall of Anarchy server. From the ashes of Anarchy rose Renaissance server, the new beta server. The game environment is intended to reflect that of the game environment in future resets on Normal and Hardcore server. Guilds are activated and the turn generation is still one turn per 7 minutes. It is important to note that Renaissance is the only server that you can experience the new units and spells on. Hardcore and Normal server will have the new units and spells added in future resets.

Hardcore and Normal servers are resetting on March 26. This will level the playing field as everybody starts back at square one on March 28. The new units and spells will not be on these servers for the up and coming reset but will be implemented in future resets. However some fixes and changes may occur. If you have never experienced a reset then it is important to note that for the last 24 hours of the current reset the servers will be in havoc mode. This means anybody can attack anybody and there is no protection. At the end of havoc the top ten players will be honored in the Hall of Fame and all mages will be deleted.

The mentoring program is up and going strong with over 20 mentors donating their time to helping anybody that applies. If you feel you are knowledgeable and active enough to help out a player, OR are a new player seeking some extra help you can email [email protected]

If you have forgotten the link, it is: http://thefivepillars.org

Nathan and the the PR Group
The Five Pillars

Posted by Directory of Games on March 30.

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