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Quirp Story Open Pre-Registration!

Quirp Story has taken the gorgeous visuals we see in a lot of console and online games, and applied them precisely to create a very appealing browser-based game environment. A lot of people haven't tried BBGs -- they seem so simple; why are they worth paying for when they're not 3D and fully animated? What's the charm in them? Remember, though, a game is about fun. That's where the value in a game is. Step into our world and find out for yourself.


And an online game offers a whole world for you to immerse yourself in. Not just that, it grows constantly. New features and areas open up over time so you'll never get bored. You'll meet lots of new friends and create new groups and alliances every month. In Quirp Story, you can band up with your friends to battle other groups of players or for a longer-term goal, build a fortress and expand its territory and power. Or if you're feeling combative, your team can destroy and raid other forts. Forts are a major system within QS, where players team up to focus on a common goal. You can perform various duties as a member of a fort, that range from information gathering from enemy forts, building tools and items, research and development of better items, strengthening the fort structure, and engaging in direct combat activities against enemy forts.


The social interaction of the game and community is important. We know that it's not much fun to play a game alone and having friends backing you up increases the fun factor tenfold. Sophisticated private messages have been arranged, very much like email. We also have active public chat rooms and thriving forums. Clans and forts also have their own member forums.

Nobody told us there was such thing as 'too much' fun or interaction, so we kept at it. You'll find monsters to capture and train, then pit them against other players' pets in the arena. You'll find a lot of areas with intense cooperation and competition between players.


What else...?
There's tons more to the game. Sign up and start playing to find out for yourself.

- Catch monsters and train them.
- Play dozens of card, dice, chance, and board games in the casino.
- Watch the game expand each month.


You want more stuff in the game?!
Sure, no problem. But if we keep going on about this, you better sign up and play. We'll even give you a free trial to get started. After it's up, you'll be addicted to the fun.

- Earn cash prizes each month for several mini-games.
- Customize and enhance your weapons and armor.
- Buy and sell items to other players on a market. Play it right and make a huge profit.
- Use you crossbow to stop enemy invaders from conquering the city.
- There's more, but you'll have to find it for yourself.

About Cash Prizes
There are a number of mini-games that have monthly cash prizes available to subscribing members. Subscription is a low $4/month. There are a number of plans to incorporate more cash prizes in areas like the casino as the game population expands. According to team member Sterling Jackson, it would be nice to have an area like you see on Pogo.com or other similar sites where there're dozens of different games, all offering prizes.

Posted by Directory of Games on April 04.

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