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Jade Empire Hits North America

BioWare's Highly Anticipated Martial Arts Masterpiece Now Available In
Stores Microsoft Game Studios announced today that Jade Empire(tm), the highly anticipated Xbox(r) action-RPG game, has punched into North American retail outlets and is now available for an estimated price of $49.95 (U.S.). Jade Empire will be available in Europe starting on April 22. Created by BioWare, developer of the award-winning Star Wars(r): Knights of the Old Republic(tm), Jade Empire has already received stellar ratings from the gaming press. IGN rated Jade Empire a 9.9 and called it "the greatest RPG on Xbox," while GameSpy rated it five out of five stars and described it as "excellent," "exciting" and "gorgeous."

Jade Empire players will find a rich world, deep story and incredible variety of fighting styles awaiting them. Over the course of the game, players can learn dozens of fighting styles including martial arts styles, magic styles and weapon styles. Players can achieve devastating mystical powers and even transform into towering supernatural monsters. Only by mastering the greatest fighting styles and defeating the most powerful enemies will players earn their place as a master of martial arts in the world of Jade Empire.

In addition to combat, Jade Empire will mesmerize players with a story richly inspired by the myths and legends of ancient China. More than 70 different voice actors lent their talents to the more than 17,000 lines of dialogue in the game. To complement the game's depth and attention to detail, BioWare captured the motions of real martial arts champions to animate the game's characters. The finished product fuses all of these elements and more into a thrilling gameplay experience that is sure to capture Xbox gamers in its powerful magical spell.

For more information about Jade Empire, visit http://xbox.com/jadeempire/ or http://jade.bioware.com/.

BioWare Corp.(r) is an electronic entertainment company that develops computer and console games. BioWare's developers have just wrapped up work on Jade Empire(tm), a BioWare created intellectual property to be published by Microsoft for the Xbox on April 12, 2005; and are hard at work on Dragon Age(tm), a PC RPG set in a brand new world created and owned by BioWare. BioWare is also developing its next-generation BioWare Eclipse Engine(tm) technology, as well as an unannounced next-generation title based on yet another BioWare created intellectual property. BioWare has an online fan community consisting of more than 2.4 million registered users that connect to discuss the company's current and future games. In November 2004, the company launched the BioWare Online Store, where fans can purchase new content for their favorite BioWare games. Previously published projects include: the 2003 Game of the Year Star Wars(r): Knights of the Old Republic(tm) for PC and Xbox, the award-winning Neverwinter Nights(tm) series, the genre-defining Baldur's Gate(tm) role-playing game series for the PC, MDK(tm)2 for Dreamcast and PC, MDK(tm)2: Armageddon for PlayStatio (r)2 and Shattered Steel(tm). BioWare information can be found online at www.bioware.com.

Microsoft Game Studios is a leading worldwide publisher and developer of games for the Xbox(r) video game system, the Windows(r) operating system and online platforms. Comprising a network of top developers, Microsoft Game Studios is committed to creating innovative and diverse games for Windows (http://www.microsoft.com/games), including such franchises as Age of Empires(r), Flight Simulator and Zoo Tycoon(r); Xbox (http://www.xbox.com), including such games as Fable(r) and franchises as Halo(r), Project Gotham Racing(r) and MechAssault(r); and MSN(r) Games (http://www.games.msn.com), the official games channel for the MSN network and home to such hits as "Bejeweled" and "Hexic(tm)."

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Posted by Directory of Games on April 12.

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