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World of Wizards Review

Community Involvement
In this game, it would seem that community involvement has been taking a hit for quite some time, and there is hardly anyone on the game playing. Even though there is a database of over 38000 players, extremely few login on a regular basis. In fact, right now there are only 348 current players, which leads to very low activity, and at times there is no one logged into the game at all. The Chatroom is empty, with the odd wizard popping in every so often, just to leave moments later, and the forums are very inactive. In fact, there has only been 10 new posts in the last 20 days. If anything, this game is dying. The 10 day trial basically has killed any chance for this game to thrive again, due to the fact that there is no reason to continue playing World of the Wizards for $1.25 a month, because community activity is so low.

Rating: 4.5/25

Graphical Quality

The graphical element of this game is definitely below average. There is too much text, and not enough graphics to accompany it. The graphics donít really reflect upon the game, considering that there are only graphics for items, your wizard, and your style of attack whether it be water, fire, earth, or cold. The pictures are mostly 2-D, and overall the graphics are not impressive.

Rating: 3.8/10

Game Help

With the game as inactive as it is, the staff presence is mostly eliminated due to the extremely embarrassing low activity on the forums, as well as in the mIRC chatroom. However, there are very good FAQs and each section of the game is explained quite well, and a new player can easily catch on and figure out which is which in a game that seems foreign to them at first.

Rating: 10/15

Game Integrity

This game models other games, but like many RPGs, the ideas arenít super original. Some of them seem to come from Pokemon or Digimon in fact. For example, battle arenas is evidence pointing towards Pokemon. However, it shows a small sort of originality, with bad luck points, where you can make another player do poorly in terms of duels and arena fighting for a short period of time. World of the Wizards is quite interesting, because of the multitude of game sections bunched together, making for lots to do. Unfortunately, all of this can be done within a very short period of time, say 10 minutes, and then there is no need to play any longer, until the next day, since there is no activity on the forums or in the chatroom.

Rating: 14/30

Overall Impression

As a player of World of the Wizards, this game isnít addictive in any fashion, because of the weak community mainly, along with the poor graphics, and basic programming skills. A strong community is basically the foundation of what makes a game addictive. You play for the interaction with other players, mostly, and almost all RPG-game players will say this. This isnít there, which makes the game rather boring, and keeps non-interest of the game within players. The $1.25 a month just isnít worth it to play the World of Wizards.

Rating: 5/20

Overall Rating: 37.3/100


Registering vs. Trial Account

Trial Account:
-10 days to test the game, before you are forced to register
-Limited benefitsŗ You cannot buy weapons, you can use basic parts of the game
-Some Sections are restricted
-Basically, you are forced to register if you want to continue to play

-You get access to all sections
-Costs $1.25 a monthŗ Must use Debit or CC.
-It is easier to play the game, because you can get items a lot quicker with the all-access
-You become a more respected member of the community


-Make the game all-access for trial accounts, and if they like what they see they may choose to register
-Extend trial time to two weeks.
-Improve graphics, and make the game look neater and more organized

Written by Directory of Games on August 22.