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Avalon The Legend Lives

I've now played in this realm for almost 5 years now. I've traveled through other MUDs (IRE, etc), but never found one that is so in depth as Avalon. The speed of the game is what is so enticing - the fighting gives a real adrenaline rush, as does a race to be the first to get items. The player relationships are the main influence in the game, and the sponsorship restriction is what filters out those who would just create multiple characters to benefit a main. Avalon is a diverse land with just as much offered to pacifists (non-fighters) as to fighters. The massive amount of skills, guilds, city-relationships and friendships make this incredibly addictive, and the bonds created with everyone (enemies included) are enticing. It is now free to play with sponsoring in-game. Also, I am currently looking for new apprentices as Guildmaster of the Sorcerers. Only the best need apply.

Written by Belgarath on August 31, 2014.