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Knights of Noblemen Review

Community Involvement
The community on Knights of Noblemen seems to be growing steadily, as there are just about 100 subscribers. The game is free of charge, but if you want perks, you can subscribe for a relatively low cost of $6 a month. There are a total of almost 6000 players in the database, but according to game statistics, 100-200 are only online at one time. However, the large number of accounts helps players battle because there are more players to battle when going around to do your battles twice a day. The Message Boards are somewhat interesting, and active. There are lots of boards to post on, varying on which topic you want to talk about, making the Message Boards diversified. There is also java chat, which is a fun community aspect of the game, and allows players to talk to one another in large groups. Lastly, there are alliances which allow players to develop their own private community within the game, while at the same time alliances help their members with weapons and armour. An interesting feature is soon to come however regarding alliances! Alliance wars will be implemented soon!, and should just boost the community involvement aspect in alliances, since all members will be working hard to fend off other attacking alliances. Overall, if this community continues to grow, this game should see more and more of a community, and it will improve at a steady pace as well.

Rating: 16.2/25

Graphical Quality

Graphically speaking, Knights of Noblemen has an above average set of graphics for an text-based RPG. All the graphics are well done, and don�t stand out and make the appearance of the game look bad. For example, the Knights of Noblemen banner on the top of the screen of every page is a work of art. However, the game should add more graphics, such as a picture for your rooster, and graphics of some important game buildings like the tavern and weapons shop. A few more graphics would help spice the game up and make it look better. However, don�t overdo it.

Rating: 6.6/10

Game Help

When it comes to game help, Knights of Noblemen�s members are definitely willing to help out new members. Unlike other RPG games that I�ve seen over the years, these members try and help out the new members instead of bashing them and calling them newbies. To get help is quite simple. You can either ask on the Message Boards, and wait for someone to reply to your post, or you can enter chat and ask an experienced player there. Also, there are the game help files and FAQs, which are very detailed and give very good explanations of the different aspects of the game. From terms to how to play the game, everything is included there, and there is even a section for most frequently asked questions! No improvements need to be made for game help, since it is already quite sophisticated and to detail.

Rating: 14.1/15

Game Integrity

Knights of Noblemen, like other role playing games, will never be truly original. However, KoN does have original ideas within the game itself. The rooster arena is a very interesting sub-game within the game itself that has a sense of uniqueness. It is where a player almost has a second character within their own, and can battle other roosters in the arena. Like normal mercenary battling, items are obtained from winning a battle, and allows the player to become richer and stronger. Simply, the goal of the game is to become the strongest, quickest, and most powerful knight that there is. Once you get really �into� the game, it may become addictive. You�ll think about it, and it has the ability to stay on your mind because the game resets twice a day, allowing people to battle again at reset after their attacks were used up the previous day. Unlike other games, if you don�t use your moves or attacks before a reset, the amount given through each reset is added on, and you may use it as you please. There is a profound sense of uniqueness in this game, making it more original than most RPGs.

Rating: 20.5/30

Overall Impression

Overall, I am impressed with this game. The game leaves a lasting impression on me because I keep wanting to log on once I get on to the computer to kill some time and try and develop my character. The game is interesting, and I am looking forward to seeing what the new updates such as alliance wars will do to the game. I want to see this game develop into a masterpiece, and I am very pleased with what I have seen so far. In due time, I think this game will become just as good as Mech Crusaders.

Rating: 14.2/20

Overall Rating: 71.6/100


Perks and Subscription Costs:

If you want more perks on Knights of Noblemen, you can choose between the $6, $8, $20, $40, or $80 package.

Monthly, its $6 USD, and it costs $8 to buy an alliance, which comes with 2 weeks sub time. The 20-80 dollar packages range from 100-400 sub days given out, and come with big time perks, and will allow you to get far ahead in the game. Remember, subscription is not mandatory. It is only if you want more perks.


-Continue to improve the game at a steady rate
-Develop a threaded MB Makes it easier to read
-Get non-java chat, so that no java applet must be downloaded
-Add more subscription offers and gold offers There could be solely game item offers Say, 10 gold a cent. $1.00 for 10,000 gold. $5.00 for 60,000 gold (10,000 bonus)�etc. It would improve money making.

These are suggestions, and can be taken into consideration by the game owners if wanted.

Written by Directory of Games on September 18.