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Kingdom of Loathing

Community Involvement
Kingdom of Loathing has a very friendly community. It includes a high rate of posting on the FOURMS, where people, unlike other fourms, hardly spam. There are intelligent people on these forums that are presenting great ideas and opinions on various topics. The MBs are quite active as well, averaging a couple posts a minute, enough to reply to. Also, the community, and people on the MBs are willing to help new players, especially staff, which is great to see. The only problem I can forsee with this community is the size. There is almost not enough people on KoL regularly. If KoL can boost their numbers up another 100 online at once, this community should be even better than before.

Rating: 19/25

Graphical Quality

I was very impressed by the graphical quality of this game. Never have I seen graphics so unique. Although the game is all black and white text, the graphics are ALL HAND DRAWN. Whoever did all these handdrawn graphics should be commended. Also, the graphics are good visual aides that give the game a little more finesse and eliminate some of the boring text. Overall, I'm very impressed.

Rating: 9.5/10

Game Help

In regards to game help, there are two main areas in which one can learn more about the game or find answers. Although not extensive, KoL does provide somewhat of a game help file. If a potential player is looking for basic help, they can either access the homepage of KoL and click on "What is KoL?" or, once logged in can click on documentation, which will lead them to more help files. If a player has a specific question, they can ask on the fourms on the "Game Help" board. Staff and other players are always willing to answer people's questions, and are quite friendly to them. Also, a "Most Frequently Asked Questions" section is going to be added soon, so it should go further in the aspects of game help.
Overall, game help is mediocre.

Rating: 11/15

Game Integrity

This game was very well-designed, and is extremely interesting. It has a numerous number of unique sections. However, like other games, this game has small communities that members form called clans, and emphasizes the game on adventures (battles). However, unlike other RPGs, it has transformed these ideas and turned them into something totally theirs. They've come up with unique characters and names for things that you earn through battle and clan wars. However, I would not say that this game has enough of a community to be addictive. For a game to be addictive, it needs player-to-player interaction, which this game does not have enough of with the limited amount of members. Sure, if you like just clicking around doing your adventures without player interaction, then it could be addicting for you, but not for most people. This is one of the downsides, but overall, its still a very good game.

Rating: 23/30

Overall Impression

I see this game as something to play when I'm bored. Isn't that what all games are for? Does this particular game stand out to me? I'm impressed by some parts of it, and its given me insight on to how hard the creators of the game have worked on it. So, in reality, it does have a lasting impression on my mind, because I want to build my character level, I want to become the best there is in the game, thus I keep logging on. On a negative note, I saw this game as something that I could get easily tired of though. During my 7 day tour of this game, my playing time decreased from day 1- day 7, steadily. So, perhaps I was interested at first, but never really got into it. However, that may not be the same for others. I still give this game a semi-medium rating.

Rating: 14/20

Overall Rating: 76.5/100



If you're having trouble with game loading time, why not offer more than just one item for 10 bucks?

Include a few million meat, and introudce Pay to win. It'll solve your financial problems, and more people will buy it to get ahead in the game.

You could also have limited offers, such as: "Buy an extra 100 adventures for 10 cents per pack". Comes in packs of 10.

I'm just throwing ideas at your financial problem with the growing cost of the game server.

Written by Directory of Games on November 1.