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Fun diversion for adults

When you first open Eternal Duel, you may be put off by the hideous image and poor formatting of the splash page. If you can work your way past that, there's a great game. There are plenty of secondary pursuits to occupy players if they choose, but of course the core of the entire system is played in the battle arena, where one can attack players or a long list of highly varied NPCs which range from level 1 to 250. If you play for the arena alone, you've got a fun way to spend your lunch hour or office break. This game also features several mini-games. You can fish, farm, play roulette, or take your chances exploring the mysterious Countryside. All of these diversions are well-developed and each has a purpose. Fishing and farming earn the player additional income and the Countryside leads them to other locations, including one where they can join a different religion. Roulette is the one I enjoy most, though. In battle, you receive keys. Take them to the roulette wheel for jewels, gold, or a very precious material used in the making of powerful equipment. I rate this game 7 of 10. The interior of the game and system are well-designed. The community can be unpleasant (parents, you should try playing this before your kids do) and I just can't ignore the ugliness of the login page.

Written by Anonymous on March 25, 2005.