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Marcoland Review

Community Involvement
At first glance, Marcoland doesn't appear to have any community activity, however, don't let this illusion fool you or turn you away from the game as it's generally full of people playing at all times of the day. The forums were always filled with new posts every time I logged in, and the chatroom always had at least one friendly face in there willing to partake in a good conversation.

Along with the friendliness of the community in the forums and chatrooms, I was highly impressed with the amount of assistance I received from people via private messages using the in-game mail system. I wasn't even 10 minutes into playing, and I already received a few PMs welcoming me to the game and asking if I needed help with anything.

To assist in community involvement, Marcoland has a very interesting setup to get you both acquainted with members of the community, as well as get you familiar with the game itself. You may assign yourself a Mentor who will assist you in the game and help you advance as a player. The only thing I didn't like about this system, was that the Mentor's are rewarded. If somehow, a system was established where rewards weren't given for this, thus decreasing the amount of people who just want the reward, it would make the community involvement aspect of the game flawless.

Rating: 22.5/25

Graphical Quality

This is, in my opinion, the one and only area this game really needs any work on in order to become one of the greatest games I have ever had the privilege of reviewing. Due to the game being free, it is loaded with Google Ads, which somewhat clutter the game and cause an overflow of information. There are some graphics, however, but for the most part, they're located in the different areas of the city.

The layout itself is a text layout, which ads to the amount of text located on each page. However, even under these circumstances, the game itself is quite easy to navigate. All in all, somehow the maker of this game has managed to create a layout that both maximizes revenue, is easy to navigate, and somehow maintains a level of integrity that I've managed to see in most text-based games.

Rating: 6/10

Game Help

I was extremely pleased with the amount of help I was able to receive while playing Marcoland. With the different range of resources, be it from a member of the community, or a staff member, or even one of the many help texts located within the game, I was able to have pretty much any question I had answered relatively fast.

Along with this, as I mentioned above, the mentor system greatly increased my chances of being helped when I needed it instead of having to post on a board and wait for a response. The way the help system is situated in this game is a gem, and I strongly advise any game owners to do their best to utilize a system such as this. Not only does it make playability much better, but it also decreases the amount of flame and spam posts on the forums, and generates a much more positive game environment.

Rating: 14.5/15

Game Integrity

This is the one aspect of this game I was somewhat disappointed in. Overall, the game was very well planned and was quite enjoyable to play, however, it left me wanting more depth. I'm not entirely sure if this is due to the fact that I've played a very large range of online games, or whether it's due to most of the internal aspects of the game being the same in most text-based games, but regardless, I just wanted to see something more.

The game is expanding, and it's fairly evident, but for now, it's much like most text-based games out there. Give this game maybe a few months, and it may satisfy my cravings, but for now, I see it as something I'm able to log into everyday, have an hour or so of fun, then leave.

Now, don't get me wrong, the game is quite amazing in it's own way, and I strongly urge anyone interested in playing a game at this moment to go signup and try it for yourself. Overall, the game integrity was above average, just slightly.

Rating: 22/30

Overall Impression

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game, and I fully intend to continue playing this game in my spare time. As I keep mentioning, the community involvement and help systems were astounding and a model for success. Even if you're just looking for a new game with a friendly atmosphere, I strongly urge you try this one. You won't be disappointed. I only wish that the graphical quality in the game was at a higher caliber. Once that's established, this game will definitely become a gem of it's own kind. This game will continue to grow, and it will become much better than it is currently, and I look forward to that day.

Rating: 18/20

Overall Rating: 83.0/100


  • More graphics
  • Better layout
  • Fewer ads (Read below)

    Marcoland seems like it's at a point where it could take on a sponsor. It's large enough and has an active enough player base to generate at least some interest out there. I suggest looking around for sponsors, and start to pull away from the ads, but as always, that's just my opinion.

  • Written by Directory of Games on October 01.