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Do you like to get muted and jailed a lot? This is the game for you!

If you talk about /anything/ other than the game itself(which isn't much to talk about in the first place), you get muted and/or jailed. If you accidentally post in the wrong thread, or say something, /anything/, that an admin doesn't agree on, you get muted and/or jailed. If you happen to post in the public forum at the wrong time in the wrong place, you get muted and/or jailed. If you speak up about something you don't like, you get jailed. If you argue with a staff member, you get jailed. Need i say more? I'm one of those people who have donated a lot of RL money to the game, but your money will be worthless to them. they prolly take it to buy shit for themselves iRL anyway. The staff there are arrogant people, who are abusing their power and saying they're not. But when you say something against that, you get jailed and/or muted. My advice to you: Don't even bother making an account there. It's a waste of time and the game is not even that good. It's only listed this high in the DOG because they give you EN and PLAT as rewards for voting for them. In other words, they bribe players to vote for them. Need i say more? I would give this game a minus grade if i could.

Written by Anonymous on August 29, 2008.